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301   Andirons


301-0445 $725.00

Pr, Boston Slipper foot, Bell Metal Andirons.

With log stop finial, and slide, a second support leg may have been added--a long time ago. All original, except welding to repair the upright end on one iron leg.

  • 301-0445-1_f

301-0617 $495.00

Slipper Foot andirons

16-1/2" Tall

Boston, with rather tall log stop finials on the Left and Right side curved back legs.  Also with sliding iron rear log stop pieces--not that they did anything -- but most are missing -- now. 

  • 301-0617-1_f

301-0637 $720.00

Hand Forged Iron, 'almost normal' Knife Blade andirons.

22" High, 10" wide,

Original (split cast) steeple top finial, over a thinner than normal iron knife blade body--WITH BRASS APPLIED TO THE FACE, if not period--a long time ago.

  • 301-0637-1_f

302  Fire Tools And Tool Sets


302-0729 $265.00 Firetool Pair, Tongs & Shovel

32" tall, Shovel is 9" x 5-1/2"

Mid 1900's, quite heavy, well made tool set in very good original condition, including the lacquer finish. These will look right in your formal living room fireplace.

  • 302-0729-1

302-0719 $785.00 Fireplace Tool Set, Shovel & Tongs

Shovel is 27-1/2" Tall, the tongs are 28-1/2"

A Round Ball Top handle rests on a brass shank with a seciton cut to 8 sides, NYC made maybe? A 100 year old visable repair to the shovel, now not seen--repaired again. Polished brass, polished, and black, with Hot Wax on the Forged Iron.

  • 302-0719-1_Ball_Top_Fire_Tools_Pair

302-0699 $385.00 Firetool set, Tongs and Shovel

35" Tall, Topped with an Unusual Finial

Forged and turned Steel shafts on this pair retain their original black finish, now with a hot wax coat applied to preserve it for more years. Rare Finial shape, and overall well done construction make these very useable today

  • 302-0699-1-fireplace_tool_set

302-0681 $85.00 English Fire Tool set

22" tall

All polished, a complete set as made with three (3) 15" tools and a shorter pair of tongs

  • 302-0681-1_f

302-0710 $68.00 Fireplace Tool, Tongs

25" Tall, with 6-1/2" x 1-1/2" Dia Handle

Common pattern finial for this early 1800's pair of Tongs. The steel legs are rounded at the top and there is a round pivot point cover also. A single tool, not a pair--with a shovel.

  • 302-0710-2

302-0711 $170.00 Fireplace Tool, Tongs

32" Tall, 6-1/2" Long x 2-1/4" Dia, Handle

The Large Size of the Brass Pattern handle on this pair of Tongs comes from the early 1800's The Finial shape is Very close to the Shovel # 712, and if you buy both, you will save $40.00. These are offered as a pair for $300.

  • 302-0711-1_Fireplace_Tongs

302-0712 $170.00 Fireplace Tool, Shovel

32" Tall

The slightly smaller Finial Handle on this Shovel--is actually the same shape as # 711. The "Perfect" pair is a complete match, these are close only. If you buy the pair you can save $40. As a pair they are offered at $300.

  • 302-0712-1_Fireplace_Shovel

302-0713 $465.00 Firetool Set, Tongs and Shovel

Pair 30" Tall, both items

Round Ball top Finial with 8 flats on upper end of shaft handle, traces them back to NYC (I think). From the mid 1800's. the handles are not from the same pattern, but the patterns must have been made in the same shop to be so close.

  • 302-0713-1_30_Inch_Tongs_and_Shovel

303  Fire fenders, brass, wire, folding, all types.


303-0644 $260.00 Polished Steel Fender

41" Wide x 6" High x 10" Deep,

A nicely detailed mid to late 1800's Polished Steel Fender, features two narrow brass bands across the middle of the body. Punched open center as on several others we have now.

  • 303-0644-1

502-0520 SOLD C. Postley, New York, maker of this Franklin Stove.

I have another like it! It is the same size as this, with the three brass rosettes, but none of the brass topping this one has, price will be less when I get it finished, than this one was. Email for details.

Complete with 4 (hard to find) original feet, a pair of Cast Iron Andirons-see #301-0255. With Rare Open Cast Brass trim across the top. Will adapt to most wood burning fireplaces. These stoves used less fuel to make more heat. still not a bad idea today--over 100 years later.

Delivery may be possible--call for details and cost.


  • 502-0520-1_f

305  Trivets, Fire Lighter, All Other Fireplace Items


305-0009 $55.00 Cast Iron [repro] Cape Cod Type Fire Ligher

7" Diameter

Cast Brass Lid and brass wire handle

  • 3050009-1_f

305-0209 $22.50 Hand Forged Iron 1-1/2" high Trivit

4" Diameter

Well made, perfect condition.

  • 3050209-01_f

305-0286 $295.00 Hand Forged Iron Kettle tilt

From the 1700's. All forged, I will change the handle to hold your kettel if needed-free. Nice shape small knob on operating end, may need a hook to hang it on the crane.

  • 502.0286-1_f

305-0432 $165.00 8" Dia Copper dipper with iron handle,

25" tall, bowl is heavy hand formed copper.

  • 305-0432-1

305-0434 $125.00 Brass Dipper

.6" Dia, 19" Tall

  • 305-0434-1_f

305-0435 $110.00 Brass Dipper

5-1/4" Dia, 17-1/2" Tall,

  • 305-0435-1_f

305-0437 $325.00 8-1/2" Dia, 33" Tall, heavy body almost flat strainer, perfect condition, great handle shape and mounting 
  • 305-0437-1_f

305-0440 $225.00 50" Tall, peal size is 10" x 7" all forged iron, very nice shape handle, likely US made in the early 1800's, will refinish, wax or paint or just bare metal to your request, no cost added.
  • 305-0440-2

305-0441 $180.00 47" Tall, peal size is 7" x 8", all forged iron, nice handle top finial, again most likely US made in the early 1800's.  will refinish, wax or paint or just bare metal to your request, no cost added.
  • 305-0441-1

305-0443 $180.00 48" Tall, Possibly French?, or with the decoration at least French influence. This rare shape Trammel has a height locking device as I have not seen before, shown in the detail of the top. I will refinish as your request, no added cost.
  • 305-0443-1

305-0449 $465.00 12" diameter, Pudding Mold with a 36" long Round Wood Handle. Brass hand formed recesses in a wired edge circle, Tinned on the inside to use for cooking over an open fireplace. May have had a lid, now missing--please let me know if you have a photo of a lid--we can make one for it.
  • 305-0385-1_f

305-0481 $235.00 A 10" square brass 'table top' on this fire fender hanging trivet, there is a slide to get near or far from the heat, a wood handle to pull the slide. All polished and ready to look nice at your fireside.
  • 305-0481-1

305-0580 $340.00 Turning Trivet Top

8-1/2" round

Hand Forged turning trivet top on a Forged platform. All in very good condition, and a really nice design on the round top. 18" long overall

  • 305-0580-1

305-0581 $140.00 Toaster Rack

12" , with a 13" handle, all hand forged and in good condition, a nice addition to your cooking fireplace.

  • 305-0581-1_f

305-0677 $225.00 Tools


Machine made, handles match, a 4" and a 3" dipper, a turner, and a fork are included.

  • 302-0710-2

305-0715 $415 Apple Butter Kettle from Brass

22-3/4" Dia x 20" High

One of many hundreds of buckets in this pattern, and about this size used for just about everything. From heating, to cooking or just washing the kids or the clothes. Condition polished outside, cleaned inside, sidewall dents shown in photos.

  • 305-0715-1_Brass_Apple_Butter_Kettle

306  Late Andirons, all Bolt together types, or with Cast Iron back legs.


306-0630 $485.00 Deep Heavy Brass Andirons

The Best of the Victorian period Design is the Feature of this pair of 20" high x 8" wide x 20" deep heavy brass andirons. No marks on body, and a single bolt to hold the column to the back legs. Well done

  • 306-0630-1_f

1932        BALL AND BALL HISTORY     2021

89 years ago; my Father, William Ball Jr. and his Brother George Ball, formed the Company called Ball and Ball. In the early years, reproduction antique furniture hardware was their only product.  Since then, the Company has reproduced many more pieces from original patterns; you will find these products at

The Family Business is now being run by my two Sons, William and Robert along with their Wives, JoAnn and Pam.

1981        TCS ANTIQUES HISTORY       2021

This TCS Antiques site is dedicated to listing items from my 58 years of collecting, now carefully restored by me, and offered here and in the Ball and Ball showroom for sale. I hope you enjoy your visit, new items listed as I get them finished.

W. Whitman Ball

House door and window hardware   

Lighting for the home

Fireplace tools and equipment

Furniture  and cabinet hardware

Neat Stuff---Collectables, pre-1900 metal originals

E-mail or phone for more details  610-322-6507. Thanks for looking  Whitman Ball

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