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101  Cast Brass And Sheet Iron Rim Locks 17th & 18th C.


101-0412 $975.00 French Style Double Door lock, complete

RH Overall 7"H x 6" Wide, Each Side is 3-1/4" Wide.

Key over knob/lever style, Lock side [left half in photo] is 3-1/4" W. Double Throw bolt extends about 1". Brass applied trim with Gold finished highlighting, lock and keeper surface are dark stain with a hot wax applied over that and polished. Ask if you want more photos or info. Also available are matching levers to the knob on it now. This is the first of several original French locks I have to restore and post.

  • 101-0412-1_f

101-0528 $630.00 Brass Queen Anne Rim Lock

LH, 6" W x 3-1/4" High, Complete with period knobs.

Brass Queen Anne style (likely from England) from the Very Early 1700's. On most very early locks a steel insert was made--all the working parts attached to it, so that no rivets showed through the case. Priced complete with period knobs also.

  • 101-0528-1_f

101-0657 $540.00 Iron Rim Lock

Right Hand

Iron Rim lock from early 1800's. Complete with all original key, keeper, and knobs. Finish is flat black, brass polished, key escutcheon not shown but included--ready to install.

  • 101-0657-1_f

102  Carpenter Locks, All types with lift or retracting bolt—but originals only.


102-0166 $665.00 Carpenter Style, Retracting bolt Lock

RH, 9-1/4" Wide x 5-3/4" High. NOTE outside entry if locked!

VERY SPECIAL Carpenter Retracting bolt 9-1/4" x 5-3/4" RH iron lock. Compete with original keeper, 2 new keys, and all fittings. NOTE: ENTRY FROM OUTSIDE IS ONLY WITH KEY ONLY--NO OUTSIDE KNOB. Waxed  finish as shown. 

  • 1010166-1_f

102-0536 $585.00 Carpenter Style, Retracting bolt Lock

R Hand, 8" x 5-1/2"

Retracting Bolt, Carpenter Lock. All parts are Original, knobs, key, escutcheon, and keeper. The only new parts are inside as repairs. The edge is as Carpenter locks, and the keeper trim is like other 'retracting bolt locks.

  • 102-0536-1_f

102-0684 $465.00 Carpenter Lock

Right Hand 5"x4-1/4"

Fitted with Original Key, Keeper and Knobs. Fully restored complete, and ready to install.

  • 102-0684-1_f

102-0685 $490.00 Carpenter Lock

Left Hand 6"x4-1/4"

Fitted with ORIGINAL Knobs, Key and Keeper. Now rebuilt to our standards, complete and ready to install.

  • 102-0685-1_f

109 Forged Iron--Dutch Elbow, Moravian—with screw off handle, and Euro type locks


109-0469 $210.00
Dutch Elbow, Interior Door Latch/Lock

LH, 5-1/2" Wide x 3-1/2" High

Slide bolt only for locking, therefore to be used on an interior door--like powder room, bedroom or closet. Finish matches # 102-0171 with a key bolt, buy both and ask about the savings.

  • 102-0469-1_f

109-0470 $265.00 Moravian Box Latch

RH, 5" Wide x 3" High

Moravian Latch, the Outside Handle un-screws, and that door is "locked", return and put the handle back on and walk into the house.  Very Small 5"x3" Right Hand latch, this one has a bottom slide bolt, and a "rustic" dark metal under a hot wax finish. 

  • 102-0470-1_f

109-0535 $98.00 Dutch Elbow Lock, late 1800's

LH 5-1/2" Wide x 4-1/2" High

Dutch Elbow Lock, this is a late one, with rounded corners, it has not been restored, but is in very good servicable condition now. With bottom slide, use on bath or bedroom door, I do not want to make a key.

  • 102-0535-1_f

109-0545 $660.00 Dutch Elbow Lock, Early 1700's

LH Shown Ask for Details, of all this type of lock on hand.

Typical of several Dutch Elbow locks on hand, yet to be restored, both Left and Right hand will be available.

This lock with all original parts in working order is rare. The other locks when finished will be priced in this same range.

  • 102-0545-3_f

103  Dead Bolt Locks, Plate Latches And Thumb Latches


103-0147 $22.00 Cast Iron Slide Bolt

R or L Hand use, 5" wide x 1-7/8" High, many like this on hand.

Slide Bolt with 1/2" bolt diameter, complete ready to install.

  • 1030147-1_f

103-0187 $180.00 Box Style "Plate Latch", Maker Marked

LH, 4" Wide x 3-1/2" High, Priced complete.

Box Style 'plate latch' uses all the same parts as most square plate latches, but inside a box, not exposed as they are. This one is for Left Hand use, Price is for a compltet lock, keeper, knobs, screws included.  MARKED A&F W.H. ON back of latch bolt.  The name still shows when the  latch is mounted in place to use.

  • 1030187-1_f

103-0279 A-$38.00


Hand Forged Small Slide Bolts

R or L Hand use. 3" to 4-1/2" long, Details as listed below.

The Brass Knob slide bolt shown is typical of some still on hand, priced as type “A” above.

Size range 3” to 4-1/2”, about 1” wide with flush or raised locking bolt end.

Note: We also have bolts this same general size and function that do not have the Brass Knob, instead, normally a hand forged curl is used these are priced as “B” .

The raised bolt end ones can be used on ‘out swinging doors’ (like bathrooms), or inside large double door cupboards, to lock the inactive door.

Specify maximum length for each application, new keepers will be supplied for all, photos on request.

  • 103.0279-1

103-0527 $96.00 Dead Bolt, Hand Forged Case, Complete

RH, 5-3/4" Wide x 3" High

Iron Dead Bolt--no knob operation, use on any door that does not get traffic, secure closet, or basement door. New keeper and screws, other parts original.

  • 103-0527-1_f

103-0679 $98.00
Hand Forged Pull Handles

About 12" High x 3" wide, close shapes--but not matching--order?

Three (3) Hand Forged Iron pull handles, or if you want a full working thumb latch--2 of these can be completed that way (added $$$). Use on any closet or storage area, with a separate way to hold the door closed. Dark metal and Hot Wax finish will go well for informal settings.

  • 103-0679-1_f

104  Cast Iron Case Surface Mount Locks, All Periods, And Brass Works


104-0186 $85.00 Dead Bolt, Cast Iron, Late 1800's

L or R Hand use, 5" Wide x 3-1/2" High,

Dead Bolt, heavy Cast Iron case and keeper. Made by SARGENT AND CO, probably 1860's?  Rare to have it's original folding style key, I do not have a key escutcheon for it--but will come up with somehting that will be right. Priced as complete.

  • 1040186-1_f

104-0344 $82.00 Cast Iron Lock, & Hinges as a Set

R or L Hand use, Lock 3-3/8" Wide, Hinges 3-1/2" Square

Cast Iron Lock, and Finial Hinge Pr, as a set, priced complete with all fittings ready to use. The lock is 3-3/8 w x 4-1/2" high, No Makers mark shows. The Hinges are 3-1/2" sq and the finials make them 5-3/4" high overall.

  • 1040344-1_f

105  Early 1800’s Lift Latch Type Mortise Locks

106  Door Knockers, Bells & Letter Slots

107  Hinges, Strap, H-L, Iron And Brass Butts,  All Other Types Too


107-0191 $86.00 Decorated Cast Iron Hinge, Pair

4-1/2" x 4-1/2", Plus Finials

Decorated Cast Iron from the mid 1800's, not maker marked, but well done, pins fit nicely, will paint, or dark color if you ask. Complete with mounting screws.

  • 1010192-1_f

107-0215 $35.00 Decorated Cast Iron Hinge, Set of 3

3-1/2" x 3"., Plus Finials

PRICE PER THREE. One & one-half (1-1/2) Pr available, 3-1/2 x 3" Cast Iron Decorated surface Butt hinges with finials. Clean and ready to mount, buy all 3 pair and shipping and prime painting is free.

  • 1070215-01_f

107-0216 $185.00 Shutter Hardware Set

Both R & L

AS A LOT--WILL DO 10 WINDOWS, 20 Pr of hinges total. 10 Rh, 10 Lh, also 10 shutter pulls to close one side. These are new--never installed strap hinges, mounted on used, but cleaned of all past use pintles, 1-1/2' OFFSET, for Frame houses. All parts will be blasted and ready for you to paint when shipped--allow about a week please. I can quote to prime and final paint if you ask.

  • 1070216-01_f

107-0346 $24.00 Cast Iron Decorated Face Butts

3” x 3” plus finials, only this set available

Both RH and LH sides, 1 Pr Each for Each Window, Lot Priced.

Hinge, Cast Iron, Decorated face, Cast Iron Finials, 3" x 3" Two (2) pr available, priced complete with mounting screws and flat black paint if you ask.

  • 107_0346_1_f

107-0455 $76.00 Decorative Cast Iron Steeple Tip Hinges

5" x 5" Plus Finials

Pair of Cast Iron Decorated face hinges with steple top finials and 3 section joint. Almost no hinge wear, for many years of continued service.

Complete with mounting screws

  • 107-0455-1_f

107-0456 $84.00 Decorative Cast Iron Ball Tip Hinges

5"" x 5" Plus Finials--Heavy Pattern

Pair of Cast iron Decorated face and hinge joint as cast. These are good for a rather heavy door, as they are thicker than others this size. Nice crisp decoration casting.

Complete with mounting screws.

  • 107-0456-1_f

107-0573 To Quote Strap Hinges

The hinges shown are sold, but we have about another 200 pair sizes from 8"
to over 6 FEET, heavy, thick ones, thin nicely beveled ones, most will take a 3/8" or 1/2" pintle pin, and we can furnish them with (rebuilt original drive pintles) or the new leaf pintles shown with this set of 4 pair. Many of the hinge pairs we have are in the size range of 14" to 22". Call or Email with your needs for a quote and photos to pick from.

  • 107-0573-1_f

107-0574 $88.00 Hand Forged Strap Hinges & Drive Pintles

Pair 14-1/2" Long x 2-1/8" Wide

Hand Forged, Bevelled edge heavy service Strap Hinges. Original drive pintles with New Pins. Lag screws included for mounting, painted flat black--interior use

  • 107-0574-1_f

107-0667 $115.00 Forged and Machined Lift Off

RH Only, 10" High Plus Finials

Special Hinge Pair. 1/2" steel pin, 3/4" diameter joints 10" tall x 3-1/2" wide, Heavy Duty, with brass bushing between halves. THIS IS RIGHT HAND USE ONLY, THEY CAN NOT BE CHANGED, BUT WE COULD MAKE A MATCHING PAIR IF YOU NEED THEM.

  • 107-0667-1_f

108 Door Knobs, Drops, Levers, Key Esc, and Misc others


108-0143 $7.50 ea  Bathroom Door Locking Rosette

2-1/2" Dia with Locking Lever

6 Pieces, Brass Locking Knob Rosettes, the china Knob lever, swings over the spindle, will work on Mortise Locks or the 'other' side of a small surface lock. Fits most China knob bases, that are 5/8" dia.

  • 1080143-1_f

108-0318 $165.00 Oval Brass Knobs, For 1700's period locks

1-3/4" x 1-3/8"

BRASS, OVAL KNOB, Use with Brass or Iron Rim Locks. For most you will need to send me the exact door thickness to properly fit them. Brass roses and spindle both to order will complete the set. Priced per pair complete.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0318.1_f

108-0319 $145.00 Round Brass Knobs, For 1700's period locks

1-3/4" offered here, other sizes available

BRASS, ROUND KNOB, Curved--concave turned shanks some with screw fittings some with end of spindle nuts like the OVAL ones above, Door thickness required to make them fit.  Priced per pair complete.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0319.1_f

108-0320 $245.00 French Style Turned Face Knobs

Several sizes on hand

FRENCH STYLE, Round with Turned Face and Edge, only several sets available, door thickness again will be needed. Priced per pair complete.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0320.1_f

108-0321 $140.00 Carpenter Lock Specific Shape Knobs

Most are 1-3/4" Dia,

CARPENTER lock knobs. This pr. with both using a nut on the spindle end that has a screw slot to tighten. Others with normal screw mounts, roses will almost always need to be made for these--there is no standard size. Priced per pair complete.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0321.1_f

108-0322 $110.00 Carpenter Lock Knob, used on many locks

1-1/2" to 2" Dia, all with a straight section on the 'neck'.

These were made in the 1800's for most small size locks. We have several sets on hand--not as many as we have locks. All are adjustable on the job to door thinckess. Our preference will be to sell these with our locks. Priced per pair complete. 

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0322.1_f

108-0323 $63.00 Wood, Turned Knob, with 3 lines in border

About 2-1/4" Dia, many with Brass Mounting Shanks.

With 'flat face', and small grooves on the edge. Brass shanks, use standard Roses, and standard spindles. Priced as a pair, with 2 roses, 1 spindle, complete.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0323.1_f

108-0324 $26.00 Wood, Round Body with Brass shank

2-1/4" Dia

FULL ROUND BODY, all smooth with Brass shanks that use standard Rose & spindle. Priced as a pair, with 2 roses, & spindle included.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0324.1_f

108-0325 $32.00 White China Knob, with Brass Center Piece

About 2-1/4" Dia

WHITE CHINA KNOB WITH Metal 'button' in middle. Only several of these on hand. Cast Iron shank, takes standard C.I. rose, and standard spindle. Priced as 1 knob & 1 rose.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0325.1_f

108-0326 Straight

108-0327 Flanged



White China Knob, Standard Pattern

About 2-1/4" Dia

WHITE  CHINA KNOB, with all China face, Cast Iron shank, uses standard rose and spindle. Priced as a Pair, 2 knobs, 2 roses, 1 spindle, complete. NO chips, scratches, or black marks like this photo shows. Flanged price 1 straight shank, 1 flanged shank, plus fittings, for surface mounted lock use.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0326.1_f

108-0328 Straight

108-0329 Flanged



Brown China Knob, Standard Pattern

About 2-1/4" Dia

With straight shank for Cast Iron Rose and standard spindle. Priced as a pair, complete.  Flanged price 1 straight shank, 1 flanged shank, for surface mounted lock use.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0328.1_f


108-0331 Flanged



Bennington Swirl Knobs, Very Nice

About 2-1/4" Dia

With Straight shank, for Cast Iron Rose and standard spindles. Priced as a pair complete.  Flanged price 1 straight shank, 1 flanged shank, for surface mounted lock use.

Group picture for illustration purposes.

  • 108.0330.1_f





Black China Knobs, Standard Pattern

About 2-1/4" Dia

With straight shank, for  Cast Iron Rose and standard spindles. Priced as a pair complete.  Flanged price 1 straight shank, 1 flanged shank, for surface mounted lock use.

  • 108.333.1_f

108-0334 $54.00 Bennington and Brass--A "Marriage"

About 2-1/4" Dia

It was an Epoxy event. Good knobs with broken bases, and good bases with dented tops, assembled compete with adjustable spindle and brass roses, use best with a mortise lock.  Price complete all pieces needed. 4 sets available now.

  • 108.0334.1_f

108-0335 $48.00 Forged & Turned Brass Knobs

2-1/8" Dia, with a 1-3/4" turned center

Rings in face are 1-3/4" Dia, forged or heavy stamped insert. Fitted with rose and spindles as a pair at the price shown. Limited supply.

  • 108.0335.1_f

108-0336 $68.00 Brass, and Milk Glass Knob Sets

About 2-1/4" Dia 1900's production date

Complete with roses and adjustable spindles. I think these were made for bathroom door use. But could be used anwhere they would look right today.   Only 4-6 sets left.

  • 108.0336.1_f

108-0337 $36.00 Brass Knob with Small Rings in Face

Under 2" Dia 1900's Production Date

With Small Stamped Ring in face. Uses a standard rose and spindle. Priced as a pair complete. Only several sets left

  • 108.0337.1_f

108-0338 $18.00 Brass Knob with Raised Edge Ring

About 2-1/4" Dia, 1900's Production Date

With a raised ring at face edge, these are late, mostly used on mortise locks. Priced as a pair complete--till I run out of roses for them--we will change this listing asap if we sell all the sets now on hand.

  • 108.0338.1_f

108-0339 $38.00 Brass, Special Fluted Edge Knob

2-1/4" Dia, 1900's Production Date

Uses standard rose and spindle, late production--into the 1920 or so. Priced as a pair complete.

  • 108.0339.1_f

108-0340 $46.00 Mercury Glass, with Large Dia Brass Base

2-3/8" Dia, Base is suited only for a mortise lock--not surface lock

Used a round cast brass rose, and a very special spindle--we have managed to make them adjustable, these are perhaps the best knob made from glass. Due to limited supply they are priced as a single knob, and rose, and our new adjustable spindle, for two of these knobs add $26.00 to single price.

  • 108.0340.2_f

108-0341 $38.00 Glass, 8 Sided Knob, on Large Dia Base

About 2-3/8" Dia, same base as # 340 above

Same base as above, priced as a single knob,with rose and adjustable spindle, for 2 knobs, add $26.00 to the single price.

  • 108.0341.2_f

108-0342 $34.00 Glass, 8 Sided Knob, on Small Dia Base

2-1/2" Dia Knob with 'Normal' Size Base

ON SMALL, NORMAL BASE.  Uses normal rose and spindle. Good for most mortise locks. Priced as a pair complete with roses and spindle.

  • 108.0342.2_f

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