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TCS Antiques, and Ball and Ball are at the same address, run by the same people, for TCS, you will be talking/emailing me, Whitman Ball. For Ball and Ball you will find our sons Bill and Bob, and their wives Pam or JoAnn. I hope we can serve you, Old Stuff, Odd Stuff, or the Best Reproductions on the market.

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At last our beautiful fall weather is here in Chester County, PA. Crisp mornings, colorful foliage is the best.

There are a few new items in the Ball and Ball showroom—that are not on this listing. Several pairs of andirons, and a selection of restored door locks.

Whitman Ball

Current as of November 01, 2021


These photographs are from the Ball and Ball showroom. They show a wide variety of antique, and reproduction antique items for your home. The candlesticks on the mantle are listed below, several lights and the bed warmers that can be seen here are also listed below. Want more info on a particular item? Send me an email with a good description of where it is, and I will get it to you.

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305-0779 $380.00 Excellent Copper Cookware

31" o-a long, 12-1/2" Dia and 6-1/2" deep

This Heavy Copper piece has a Rolled top lip, and features a dove-tailed brazed in place bottom, was leaded inside--not reccommended for use now. The handle was repaired or replaced years ago--it all looks great.

Image coming soon.

202-0775 $155.00 Single Girandole, Now Elecrified

12' High, 5-1/2" x 3-1/4" Base

An Original candle burner, with: "Birds in A Tree" pattern body. All 9 prisims are perfect, now polished and lacquered, fitted now is a socket for a standard Candelabra size bulb. 7 or 10 Watt will be best.

  • 202-0775a

305-0770 $54.00 Forged Handle, Copper Dipper

19" tall, 5-1/2" Dia for Dipper

Not sure of the age on this piece, hence the price.

  • 305-0770c

305-0769 $70.00 Forged Dipper and Handle

19" tall 5-1/2" dia of dipper

Hand Forged from one Piece of metal. Nice!

  • 305-0769c

305-0768 $82.00 Brass Dipper on Forged Iron Handle

19" tall, with 5-1/2" Dia dipper

This nice looking dipper seems to be all original, simple but pleasing design, enough said.

  • 305-0768c

305-0767 $74.00 Hand Forged Iron Dipper

18" tall with 5" Dia forged dipper

Seems to be all from lone piece of metal, well done, well taken care of, ready for display or use.

  • 305-0767c

305-0765 $56.00 Brass Dipper with iron handle

19" tall, 4-3/4" dia body

Original Forged handle, with newer brass dipper mounted. 

  • 305-0765c

303-0762 $280.00 Brass Cap top, Crossed Wire Fender

30" tall, 51" wide

For a big fireplace, or walk-in type, it has a full size inside chip pan. The crossed wire makes it most likely made after 1900, but that design keeps the hot embers inside better they say.

  • 303-0762a

301-0761 $430.00 Brass, Steeple Finial Top Andirons

20-1/2" tall,

Close to perfect condition One of the nicest condition pairs to come along in a long time. Old repair to the bottom on one leg, now very hard to see, I fixed it.  Bedroom size I would think, possibly the reason for the good condition now

  • 301-0761b

303-0760 $130.00 Pierced Brass Small Fender

27" wide x 12" deep and 5-1/2" high

If you have a fireplace this small you need this fender! Or if you want to put some flowers together in the corner, and want a bit of brass to show them off--this would work for that as well.

  • 303-0760c

305-0759 $34.00 Copper Tea Kettle

5-1/2" Dia, 4" high, 6" top of handle

This one has a made of two pieces body, cast brass handle brackets with original black wood handle.  All in good condition, polished finish.

  • 305-0759b

305-0758 $56.00 Copper Tea Kettle

6" Dia, 8" to top of handle

A nice shape kettle,  The body is one piece with a nice shape pouring spout. Polished finish, Late 1800's at the earliest, more lkely early 1900's

  • 305-0758d

202-0757 $145.00 Single Brass, With Electric, Candlestick

16" tall with a large 5-3/4" Dia Base

Shown now as a Candle burning stick, but it has an electric drop in adapter (as others listed) so you can use as a table light and remove it when you want candle light instead, polished finish.
  • 202-0757a

305-0756 $78.00 Revere Marked Late Tea Kettle

8" Dia x 6-1/2" High, 9" to top of Handle

From the late 1800's. Nicely shaped body, all one piece, Revere mark on handle bases. Fitted is a very nice shape pouring spout. Polished ready for your enjoyment.

  • 305-0756e

202-0755 $235.00 Pair Electrified Garondole lamps

19" High, Base is 5-3/4" x 4" Marble

From the late 1800's. Cast Brass 'Flowers' in an urn pattern, each with 10 perfect Prisms. Now Polished and Lacquered finish--for years of use. Wired permanently for candelabra bulbs. Suggest 7 or 10 watt, to resemble candles with a switch.

  • 202-0755g

202-0754 $145.00 English Candlestick Pair, now Electric

11" tall with a 4" sq base

This Very Good condition pair is ready for your enjoyment as a table lamp, OR, as a candle burning pair of 'normal candlesticks'  THE ELECTRIC PART LIFTS OUT--to use as candle burning.

  • 202-0754h

305-0753 $190.00 Fireplace Fender Mounted 'Hot Tray'

5x8" Mount Area, tray 7" Sq. 17" long

Forged iron bars support the brass tray that slides for heat adjustment. The rear half round leg allows it to sit flat on a table if you wish. Polished brass with a Wax finish on the iron parts.

  • 305-0753a

305-0752 $245.00 Fireplace Fender Mounted 'Hot Tray'

7x7"  Mount area, 20" long tray/slide area 

Cast Brass Tray, supported by forged iron framework, tray slides near or way from the heat of the fire, for just that 'right tempurature' Tea!

  • 305-0752a

305-0751 $62.00 Brass Dipping pan with new handle

23" long, 6" Dia, and 3-1/2" deep brass pan

Perhaps a 'period' brass pan, with the handle replaced sometime after 1900? Nice shape and good condition, it appears as all original

  • 305-0751d

305-0750 $68.00 Copper body Dipper,  From  1900's

28" Long x 4" deep  & 6" Dia thin copper

Reproduction hand made deep dish dipper, round forged handle, all well made, will look good hanging in your fireplace cooking area.

  • 305-0750e
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1932        BALL AND BALL HISTORY     2021

89 years ago; my Father, William Ball Jr. and his Brother George Ball, formed the Company called Ball and Ball. In the early years, reproduction antique furniture hardware was their only product.  Since then, the Company has reproduced many more pieces from original patterns; you will find these products at

The Family Business is now being run by my two Sons, William and Robert along with their Wives, JoAnn and Pam.

1981        TCS ANTIQUES HISTORY       2021

This TCS Antiques site is dedicated to listing items from my 58 years of collecting, now carefully restored by me, and offered here and in the Ball and Ball showroom for sale. I hope you enjoy your visit, new items listed as I get them finished.

W. Whitman Ball

House door and window hardware   

Lighting for the home

Fireplace tools and equipment

Furniture  and cabinet hardware

Neat Stuff---Collectables, pre-1900 metal originals

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